How to Improve Your Packaging Procurement Strategy

You’re already juggling the creative and marketing process, don’t add stress about the purchasing process to your plate. These steps will cover the packaging industry standard purchasing process and essential information required for a successful packaging procurement strategy. At JP Graphics, a BR Company, we see brands simplify their supply chain process and create amazing packaging for all types of products using these procurement insights! 

To create packaging that reflects your brand’s essence, it’s crucial to gather specific details such as packaging material, finishing preference, quantities and more before approaching a print provider. These include: 

Quantities: How many units are needed per product batch or for shipping purposes? 

Packaging Material Quality: What type of paper stock aligns with your brand and product requirements? 

Dimensions: The size and shape specifications that suit your product perfectly. 

Colors and Coatings: Your choice of ink colors, coatings, and finishes for that eye-catching appeal. 

Design Enhancements: Details like die cutting, folding techniques, and gluing preferences. 

Deadlines and Shipping: Timelines for production and where the finished products will be shipped. 

When it comes to packaging options for your product, strategic sourcing is key. Printers all have different styles and specialties so finding the right printer isn’t as straight forward as it seems. Take us at JP Graphics, for instance. We prioritize sustainability and excel in crafting top-tier, food-safe folding cartons and swift flatbed die-cut packages nationwide. Identifying these details about your potential printers early on in the strategic sourcing process not only helps you align with your packaging vision but can also impact the style and cost savings of your final product significantly. Send out the packaging details above to multiple printing candidates to find the best packaging supplier for your brand! 

After narrowing down the best print packaging supplier for your project, the packaging journey officially commences. The initial stages involve furnishing the printer with the necessary boxes or specifications. While not every product may have an existing ready-made box, your printer can assist in two ways: creating entirely new packaging or refining your current package design. These boxes provided will lead to the development of detailed spec sheets, crucial in furnishing printers with essential information necessary for accurate quoting. 

Before the printing of packages begins at scale, the crucial step is submitting files for production. To ensure the packaging solutions align seamlessly with your vision, printers usually transform finalized design files into PDF proofs, which are then reviewed and approved through the signing and return of Epson proofs. 

Once you’ve made it through steps 1-4, JP Graphics, a BR Company, handles the rest. By following these steps, you have the insights for packaging solutions that mirror your brand’s identity and resonate with your audience. We guide clients through this process of the supply chain daily to print high-quality sustainable packaging at lighting speeds and our packages are on the shelves of grocery and retail stores across the country. Take a weight off your shoulders and optimize your procurement process and sourcing strategy by contacting our packaging specialists today.  

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